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Retail/Consumer sales & Distance Selling

Our business model is B2B (Business-to-Business).  Specifically, our business is the manufacture of goods and supplying them to other businesses which either use our products in the manufacture or installation of their goods (Trade, OEM etc), or who re-sell our goods to other businesses that so use our products (Resellers, Distributors etc).

Accordingly, we assume our customers understand what our products are and how they work.  Our products are therefore specifically not sold in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act 2013 (formerly known as the 'Distance Selling Regulations') which are intended to protect consumers (ie non-B2B sales).

We do not wish to stop Individuals/Consumers from purchasing our products, however anyone choosing to do so must understand these products are explicitly sold outside normal Consumer protections.

Many of our Resellers sell direct to the public. Click here for a list of all our Resellers.


Quality Statement

The best possible Product, with the best possible Service, at the best possible Price!

At Pro-Dec, we have made a decision not to adopt a formal Quality Assurance program such as ISO9000.

In our dealings with such certified companies, it is apparent that Certification does not guarantee a better standard of product or service, only that an effort will be made to re-supply the product or service. Certification also requires a substantial paperwork trail, which for a small company like ours, creates a substantial increase in costs which you, the customer, will ultimately have to bear.

Instead we have an in-house quality system, developed over the last 40 years. This system encompasses all aspects of our production and administration, from the ordering and receipt of raw materials to random testing of manufactured parts and finally order dispatch . This system is being constantly modified in response to changing requirements, and in many respects is to a higher standard than the formal Assurance standards.

As part of our quality system, we have our Product Warranty which guarantees replacement of any of our products which are not of an acceptable quality. Please note that because there are an infinite number of possible applications of our range of cover caps, we cannot guarantee that the caps will work on, or be appropriate for, all applications. We are however happy for you to consult with us about your individual needs.

We realise that occasionally problems will occur. In many instances, we may not even be aware that you have a problem (such as the delivery of your order) unless you tell us. It is our desire to provide the best product and service possible, and your feedback is vital to this process. We will make every effort possible to leave you satisfied with the result and happy to do business with us again.

You can telephone us, fax us or use our Contact Us page. We promise you our every effort to resolve your problem.

A copy of this Statement can be downloaded from our Downloads page.


Environmental Policy

A copy of our Environmental Policy can be downloaded from our Downloads page.


Other Legal Stuff

ScrewCaps UK is a trading name of Pro-Dec Products Ltd.   Registered in England No: 06572534.  VAT Registration No. GB 938 8029 86

Copyright © Pro-Dec Products Ltd 1995-2016. All rights reserved. The information contained within this site is provided in good faith and believed to be accurate and correct. The company reserves the right to alter any specification of its products without notice.

Our Trademarks:  Where used throughout this website, ScrewCaps, ScrewCapsUK, Snap-Caps, Bifix and Holefix Caps are trademarks of Pro-Dec Products Ltd, and which may be registered in some jurisdictions. Pro-Dec Products, Stemfix, SuperChip, Cover Up!, Cladding Caps, Mirror Grommets and their respective logos are trademarks of Pro-Dec Products Ltd and which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

Other trademarks including Hospa, 3M, Abet, Dibond, Egger, Finsa, Formica, Interpon, KPMF, Kronospan, Multipanel, Pantone, Phillips Head, Polyrey, Pozidriv (Pozi), Resopal, Sonae, Stala, Thermopal, Wilsonart, Vohringer and their logos are trademarks of their respective owners.

Our Copyrights:   Unless otherwise indicated, copyright of this website and the information contained on it, including any and all images, drawings and designs is owned by Pro-Dec Products Ltd. All of our rights are reserved.

It is illegal to copy, reproduce, sell or transmit by any means or otherwise exploit this website or anything (including any image, written information, drawing or design) contained on it for any commercial purpose unless we expressly authorise you to do so in writing.

Use of our Trademarks & Images:  Some customers, especially Distributors or Resellers may wish to use our trademarked names to advertise their use of our products, and/or use our images for marketing purposes.

Use of our trademarked names is may be authorised, subject to:

  • The marketing must be carried out directly by the company which has purchased these products from us (ie no 3rd party), and
  • The trademarks must only be used in relation to goods that have been purchased from us, and
  • Our trademarks must NOT be used in association with products manufactured by other companies (which may breach our rights and constitute an offence under the UK & International trademark laws)

If you would like to use our images, please advise us of what you require and we can supply you images at suitable resolution. A License to use the images will accompany the files. Your use of the files implicitly indicates your full and total agreement to the terms of the license.

Ownership or copyright in any image, drawing or design owned by Pro-Dec Products Ltd will not pass to you at any time..

Use of your own Images and/or Product Descriptions:  You may use your own images and/or products descriptions to promote your use of our products and which have been purchased from us. 

  • We reserve the right to use copies of any such images.
  • Irrespective of your ownership of any such image, use of images and/or product descriptions which show or describe any feature or combination of features which is unique to our products or which may reasonably cause an association with our products must NOT be used in association with products manufactured by other companies (which may breach our rights and constitute an offence under UK & International consumer and passing-off laws)